Maison de l’Europe de Nimes

A non-profit making organisation, founded in 1966, which informs citizens about the history, importance and future of the European Union. It supports the visibility of European institutions at a local level, and raises awareness about the advantages and challenges of European integration. 

In 2013, Maison de l’Europe de Nimes (House of Europe in Nimes) was officially recognised as Europe Direct Information Center, label renewed in 2017, joining the network of 48 other official information centres throughout France.

CCI Gard Lycee de Nimes  

The Lycee CCI Gard,  an institution under contract of association with the state, welcomes approximately 800 youngsters on the same site (vocational baccalaureate, Higher National Diploma and preparation for paramedical competitive exams) out of which 278 students are in HND. The high school trains the students to become professionals in business, communication, computer science, administration, social and medical work. The high school benefits from three quality labels/accreditation: 

– “High School of Professions, Business and Services”, an academic recognition obtained in 2014, which guarantees a wide range of services in the same sector and for different levels of education, 

– an ERASMUS+ Youthness and Sport Accreditation to host 2 European Volunteer Services to help us to develop the International Relations and to improve the level of languages of students and teachers, 

– The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020

Instagram: @campusccigard


House of Education and Innovation (HEI) 

House of Education and Innovation was created as an initiative to increase the quality of life in the society and to stimulate the potential of the individual as well as of the communities.  

Our main aim is to raise awareness on the role that creativity has in a society and to apply new, innovative methods and tools that will help the individual and the local, national and international community to develop and improve.

Facebook: @asociatiahei 

Colegiul National de Arte Regina Maria Constanta 

The National College of Arts “Queen Mary” Constanta functions as a school with art specialization since 1956 and is the only vocational school of art in the region of Dobrogea that focuses specifically on students’ artistic skills. It stimulates the creative contribution of these students in society by promoting interest in music, fine arts, choreography and actor’s art.  

Considering that the modernization of education is not a fashion, but an imperative, the National College of Arts “Queen Mary” meets contemporary educational trends by cultivating the aesthetic taste as part of the general education of the students. This institution of education seeks to develop the intellectual-cultural horizon, the main purpose being the formation of certified promoters and receptors of art. 


Arte M Associacao Cultural e Artistica na Madeira   

ARTE.M is a cultural and artistic association located on the island of Madeira, Portugal. We are devoted to the promotion of culture, cultural education, artistic expression and search. Our mission is creating the conditions for the harmonious development of personality, well-being, self-expression, lifelong learning and continuous improvement. 

We strive to become a catalyst for cultural processes and be an educational resource for the broader audiences in Madeira. 

We organize workshops and lectures by local and international artists, open discussions and social projects that take place in Funchal and other parts of Madeira.

Art Gallery Caravel  

Art Center Caravel- cultural organisation located in Funchal on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The Art Center is devoted to the advancement of local culture and to the exploration and exhibition of significant art from around the world. Our mission is to make the visual art more available to the “maderiense” public and visitors.

We have held more than 50 exhibitions with the participation of 82 artists. Among our artists, Portuguese residents, expats, international artists from more than 17 countries. Every year we hold the international exhibition “Islands”, which always causes great interest from the art community of the island, continental Portugal and tourists visiting the island. We are one of the most significant art sites on Madeira Island. 


Hello Youth    

Hello Youth (HeY) is an NGO which would like to promote active citizenship and participation of young people in all aspects of society. We encourage young people to participate in European projects as we recognise the immensely powerful way they are able to help young people people to improve themselves.

Based on our overall objectives we focus on European citizenship, Cultural Diversity and Youth Participation. There are several volunteers from different cultural background which reflects the cultural diversity in our organisation.  

Mobilizing Expertise AB  

An efficient Swedish SME for Nordic, European and International Projects. Our main 5 working areas are; Providing training, creating educational tools, mobilising volunteers to professionalism, project management, promoting entrepreneurship among youth and adults.

We have several training packages which have been created through our international projects. These trainings are combining online courses, study visits and pragmatic knowledge. We are creating non-formal, alternative and easy to use educational tools for youth workers, educators, volunteers and staff. We promote entrepreneurial values; “think out of the box”. We help entrepreneurs to develop their business and how their business can be an added value for society through corporate social responsibility (CSR).