Training in Nîmes, France – Illustrate my City: How do I see my city?


What a wonderful experience! Building stronger partnerships, learning artistic techniques and new ways of rediscovering the urban landscape 🖌️ Key steps to bring My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur to the next level ➡️➡️➡️

discovered a digital interpretation of the historical centre of Nîmes, did a drawing workshop and received a presentation of the service of cultural heritage of the city of @nimesmaville ! 😁🖍

The illustration training started off with a photography workshop while discovering the beautiful city of #Nîmes ! This was not a regular visit of the city as we visited Nîmes’s youth favourite locations. With the pictures taken, weused them as tracing guide so they can be added to our map!

After selecting the best spots in #Nîmes, we drew awesome illustrations out of the photographies 📷 taken the day before during the city tour. The illustrations will be digitalized and integrated in the future map that will display the cultural heritage of the city as well as a list of tips and tricks to enjoy the city like a local.

👉 See how #MySoftCity hit the headlines from the French local newspaper, ObjectifGard!

Click here to watch the aftermovie ❤️

Organized by Lycée de la CCI.

🇵🇹 ARTE.M cultural association on Madeira island and Art center Caravel

🇫🇷 Maison de l’Europe Nîmes – Europe Direct Occitanie Bas Rhône – Cévennes and Lycée de la CCI

🇸🇪 Hello Youth and Mobilizing Expertise

🇷🇴 House of Education and Innovation – HEI and Colegiul Național de Arte “Regina Maria” Constanța – pagina oficială

#MySoftCity #ErasmusPlus #Illustration #Art #Map #Culture #Tourism #Interculturality #Campusccigard #Nîmes #France

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