Training in Funchal, Madeira (Portugal) – Gamification in Non-Formal Education and Cultural Heritage: How do I play in my city?


We talked about gamification, cities, non-formal education, mapping through the senses, the power of gamification and storytelling!

The training was held at Art center Caravel, a perfect space to develop the creativity and feel inspired ❤️ Loving Madeira 🏝️

The training highlighted the use of gamification as an educational tool to promote cultural heritage, framed within the Erasmus Plus project My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur.

We got to know the other participants from France, Sweden, Romania and of course, Portugal! We learned new teaching methods and fun activities on such a warm and cozy island ☀️🌴

Organized by ARTE.M cultural association on Madeira island.

🇵🇹 ARTE.M cultural association on Madeira island and Art center Caravel

🇫🇷 Maison de l’Europe Nîmes – Europe Direct Occitanie Bas Rhône – Cévennes and Lycée de la CCI

🇸🇪 Hello Youth and Mobilizing Expertise

🇷🇴 House of Education and Innovation – HEI and Colegiul Național de Arte “Regina Maria” Constanța – pagina oficială

#MySoftCity #ErasmusPlus #Training #Gamification #ARTEM #Funchal #Madeira #Portugal

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