Training in Constanța – Literary Cartography through Creative Writing: What do I think about my city?


A training full of non-formal activities, creative writing, youth participation, learning, sharing, work and good moments. ✍️📝 We were really happy to host such magnificent and lovely participants 💛 We met each other through fun and non-formal games! We did as well a visualization exercise by the sea 🌊 that served as an inspiration to write creative and powerful short stories.

It was all about language activities and creative writing! We also worked on the text that will be added to the city maps of Constanta, Nîmes, Lund and Funchal 🗺️

⭐ Non-formal training

⭐ Interactive activities

⭐ Team building

⭐ Public speaking

⭐ Creative writing

⭐ Intercultural exchange

Cuget Liber wrote about us on the newspaper 📰🤩 Click here to read the full article.

Organized by House of Education and Innovation – HEI.

🇵🇹 ARTE.M cultural association on Madeira island and Art center Caravel

🇫🇷 Maison de l’Europe Nîmes – Europe Direct Occitanie Bas Rhône – Cévennes and Lycée de la CCI

🇸🇪 Hello Youth and Mobilizing Expertise

🇷🇴 House of Education and Innovation – HEI and Colegiul Național de Arte “Regina Maria” Constanța – pagina oficială

#MySoftCity #ErasmusPlus #Creativewriting #Training #HEI #Dezvoltamidei #Constanta #Romania

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